Digital Donor Walls

St. Francis DW.jpg

Benefits of a Digital Donor Wall System

  • Easy to update content through customized distribution software.

  • Saves money over time with no recurring subscription fees.

  • Can create content unique to your environment.

  • Eye-catching and impactful.

  • Ease of maintenance with full serviceability.

  • Design services available.

Recognize the individuals and entities that, in part, make what you do possible.  Easy to update and maintain, digital donor walls offer a number of benefits over standard, out of date, physically etched or engraved panels that are common in most institutions today.  Digital donor walls also end up costing less in the long run eliminating the need to etch new names or replace whole panels altogether. 

Our standard donor wall configurations come in a 2x2 in landscape orientation, or a 4x1 in portrait orientation.  Complete packages include wall mount brackets, monitors, digital media player pre-loaded with customized software depending on wall configuration, and cabling.  Installation services available.

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