Video Wall Overlays

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Candela Display Systems is a leading innovator in video wall overlays having supplied both interactive and protective overlays for some of the largest monitor manufacturers including Sharp, Samsung, NEC, and Planar.

All Candela Display Systems video wall overlays come standard with a robust powder coated aluminum enclosure, tempered safety glass touch surface, fan kit assemblies to keep your wall running at an optimum temperature, and an easy to mount wall bracket system to keep excess weight off of the monitors.

Because not every video wall is the same, along with our standard versions, custom solutions are available.

3 x 2 Configuration

  • (6) Samsung UD46E Monitors

  • (6) Peerless DS-VW765-LAND Mounts

  • (1) Candela Display Systems 3x2 Interactive Overlay


2 x 2 Configuration

  • (4) NEC X464UNS-2 Monitors

  • (4) Peerless DS-VW765-LQR Mounts

  • (1) Candela Displays Systems Stainless Steel Protective Cover with ADA compliant Base


2 x 2 Configuration

  • (4) Planar RA5580

  • (4) Peerless DS-VW765-LAND

  • (1) Candela Display Systems 2 x 2 Interactive Overlay